PrintFolders 2.89

PrintFolders let you enumerate files and folders in a particular directory
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Andrey Pivovaroff

Organizing files and folders have always been a problem while using the system, especially when you have music files, movie files, text files and html files – all stored inside the system. The problem gets worse when we want to take an output of any of these files.

It sometimes happens that a file with a wrong format, such as a mp3 music file or a wave file is selected for print output and got upset at that point of time. The PrintFolders software from Stratapoint is the tool that can help you find an interesting solution to all your problems related to organizing files and obtaining output. With PrintFolders, a mere click of the mouse will ensure that all the files in a particular folder, including the music files and video files are listed into either text files or html files.

Even among the text files, the software provides with two more options – one having plain text alone and the other comprising of unformatted plain-text.

Apart from the music and video files, the software also extends support for ID3 tags as well as cataloguing of files that are to be copied on to a CD, while, at the same time, limiting the number of subfolders and filtering the list of tiles to be included for output through a file filter.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to organize files and folders


  • Considered a nagware
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